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Vegan Protein (Plant Based Protein Source)


Product Description 

The Muscle House Vegan Protein is the industry’s leading plant based protein because of its high-quality ingredients and manufacturing practices making the texture smooth and not grainy like our competitors.

The key is its purity: The Muscle House's vegan protein utilizes only the highest quality plant based protein sources to provide a superior product. Because of the plant based protein sources used in our vegan protein, it is ideal if you are lactose intolerant or have difficulty digesting animal sources of protein.

Our vegan protein is virtually void of carbohydrates making it an ideal option if you are on a low-carb diet or trying to increase your intake without additional fats being added to your diet. 

It can be taken at anytime of the day; first thing in the morning, for an afternoon snack, pre-workoutpost-workout or before bed to help promote muscle growth/repair while you sleep. Our Vegan supplement only comes in ALL NATURAL, which means no bullshit, unnecessary additives or chemicals, while still maintaining a great taste.

Make the switch and feel the physical difference with TMH VEGAN PROTEIN! The different plant based protein source could be what your body needs for a physical and mental change!   

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Vegan Protein Uses and Additional Info

  1. Ideal for a healthy on-the-go nourishment
  2. Gluten free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Free of dyes, colors, fillers, chemicals
  3. Protein source - pea, brown rice and sunflower seeds
  4. 0g sugars and 1g Carbs
  5. Natural flavoring
  6. Ideal for people that are sensitive to dairy



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